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Bienvenue sur le blog de la Relation BtoB ! Welcome to the B2B Relationship Blog!
Ce blog se veut un lieu de partage pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent aux relations inter-organisationnelles. Son auteur aime l'idée d'un "slow blog" où l'on s'arrêterait pour penser un peu... This blog aims at becoming a sharing platform for all those interested in inter-organizational relationships. Its author likes the idea of a "slow blog" where you take time to think for a while...
Sur la page de bienvenue, vous trouverez des points de vue, des discussions sur les sujets indiqués, des billets d'humeur, des commentaires de lectures, des infos et agendas, et ce que nous en ferons collectivement ! On the welcome page, you will find points of view, discussions on labelled topics, reactions, comments on readings, information and agenda posts, and what we shall collectively make out of it!
Sur la page "Formation", vous trouverez des solutions de formation, soit en tant que participant, soit en tant que formateur... A ce propos, est-ce toujours celui que l'on croit qui apprend le plus ? On the Training page, you will find training solutions, either as a trainee or as a trainer, especially teh author's published cases... By the way, are those who learn most always the ones we think...?

B2B Relationship - Teaching Cases

All cases introduced in the training page of the -mostly French-written- "blog de la relation BtoB" have been written both in English and in French. This page is intended to all non-French speaking people involved in business education or training and interested in the BtoB relationship issues. It introduces the cases developed and written by Hubert Faucher over many years, in collaboration with consultants and, more often, operational managers. These cases are published at the European Case Clearing House (ECCH, Cranfield, UK) and Centrale des Cas et des Media Pédagogiques (CCMP, France), where they can be accessed. 

Key Account Planning at EASYPOWER

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
We are in 2020. EASYPOWER is an Irish group specialized in the supply of highly reliable motorization systems for individual vehicles such as scooters, 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers. Cameron McAneth is EASYPOWER’s Key Account Manager in charge of GOWHEEL, one of EASYPOWER’s main key accounts, specialized in the production of mono-seat vehicles, especially for the senior and health sectors. In order to defend his key account strategy before the upcoming North-American Steering Committee, McAneth is getting prepared to formulate his key account strategy through the updating of his key account database. He will use an efficient strategy formulation tool, from which he will eventually propose a Key Account Plan.

BUFFER BiAc Acidifiers : Product Competitive Positioning 

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
Chloé Ducas, Acidifier Product Manager at BIO INDUS, is getting prepared to develop a new reference of buffer acidifiers in order to update the company's obsolete "Buffer BiAc" reference. She intends to use a matrix tool called the CPA Matrix in order to achieve the “Competitive Position Analysis” of her product with respect to competition. This will enable her to identify the dimensions and attributes of the future wining reference against the current leader "Balactel XL" from ACIDEL, taken as a benchmark…

OLYMP’IA Flavors: BtoB Market Segmentation, Food Flavors. Part A – Targeting for Growth

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
Bob Curnew, recently hired as Marketing Director for the flavor activity at OLYMP’IA, needs to increase the activity’s turnover by 20 per cent in three years, in a follower situation on a highly disputed market, especially by a dozen of individually identified competitors. He will have to redefine market segments, using rich qualitative and quantitative information, and the strengths and weaknesses of the company, in order to target for growth…

OLYMP’IA Flavors: BtoB Market Segmentation, Food Flavors. Part B – Customer Portfolio Management for Commercial Optimization

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
New challenge for Bob Curnew, now on the segment of Yoghurts and Dairy-based Desserts! Recent feedbacks from the sales teams have indicated that the sales strategies are not clear, messages are blurred, and sales territories need to be revisited and reorganized. A deep analysis of the customer portfolio is in order so as to improve the commercial policy. Bob holds the listing of his European Customers in that segment (85 customers), and has just received a survey showing the characteristics of his main competitors. His key accounts, all multinational companies, are clearly distinct in their behaviors from the other customers, generally national, especially in their attitudes towards their suppliers…

PALLAS and the “Feez” Feed Enzyme - Crafting  BtoB Marketing Strategy

(Case, Teaching note, PowerPoint presentation)
Matt Lindon manages the animal fee division of PALLAS, specialized in nutritional additives. This activity has grown from the discovery of a very versatile, high value-added enzymatic compound for swine and poultry husbandry. While an internal conflict is raging within the company between a “multipurpose product” position and a “focused product range” orientation, Lindon is requested by the Board of Directors to produce an aggressive strategic plan over five years, covering R&D and Marketing, with the objective of reaching worldwide leadership without destroying shareholder value. Luckily enough, Lindon has an efficient strategic planning tool at his disposal…

FRUIT PREP’ Supplies, or How Corporate Purchasing Behavior Impacts Customer-Supplier Negotiation

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
Victor du Thil, Category Sourcing Buyer at the Biscuit Division of DELISSIA, enters negotiation with Suzy O’Brien, in charge of the fruit-based ingredient Division of DAIR’ING, one of DELISSIA’s major suppliers. A true negotiation, formatted over two half-days, where short term (quality, logistics) as well as long term stakes will be debated, in a true information asymmetry situation, leading to many surprises…   

TOUTATIS Sunflower Seeds: Farm Input Distribution Strategy

(Case, Teaching note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation)
Jean-Claude Rinac is Seed Product Manager at GALIX Semences, which is preparing its entry on the “oleic” segment, the most promising one of the market, with three new varieties. Moreover, three varieties, approved last year, are still in the launching process. GALIX seeds are sold under the brand name “TOUTATIS” through a large distribution network. Rinac will have to deal with the genetic maturity levels and expected life cycles of the new products in order to select his communication and market coverage strategies, based on several business models, in a market where the distributors’ sensitiveness is exacerbated…

EHONA Printing - Developing Customer Portfolios on the Mid-Market Segment

(Case, Teaching Note, Excel doc., PowerPoint presentation) EHONA, a French subsidiary of a leading worldwide specialist in professional printing, is confronted to a number of challenges, including the merging of photocopying and printing solutions and the multiplication and online implementation of complex functions. With the help of Gérard Mentor, an outside consulting specialist, EHONA’s Marketing Director, Hubert NASH, is going to experiment the implementation of the Lead Management cycle in a step-by-step methodical progression. 


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  1. Pallas case has some links with the strategic discussions in the equipment industry regarding the choice between focusing on a part of the production line (and become a kind of specialist) or offer a turnkey solution with integrated equipment (and become a kind of generalist).

  2. Thanks, Jerôme. I see te point... Yet, here, the discussion goes on whether you want to remain the producer of a collection of related specialties or a one-stop-for all type of product, which is a bit remote from the problem of an equipment manufacturer as we are, here in the business of consumable inputs, right ? HF